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Power from On High


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Short Summary:

As an Aerospace System Engineer we have designed a renewable energy generator that is zero carbon, zero emissions. Output scalable from 5 Kw to Megawatts, portable, quiet, producing sustainable electricity for 1/3 the price of equivalent Solar out


North America


United States of America

Project Type:

Project Phase:

Deal Type:

Commercial Summary:

Current interest are 17 of my coworkers waiting in line to grab the first ones produced..

Size and Structure of deal:

Seeking $500,000 USD for 9% equity. Margins are at 120% of raw production costs not including "overhead costs" . US market for Standby generators last year was $3.4 Billion and growing...

Minimum possible investment


USD – Millions

Maximum possible investment


USD – Millions

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Closing Date:

30 March 2024

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