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A staff checking solar panels



Power from On High

Project Type:

Project Phase:

Short Summary:

As an Aerospace System Engineer we have designed a renewable energy generator that is zero carbon, zero emissions. Output scalable from 5 Kw to Megawatts, portable, quiet, producing sustainable electricity for 1/3 the price of equivalent Solar out

Commercial Summary

Current interest are 17 of my coworkers waiting in line to grab the first ones produced..


United States of America


North America

Size & Structure of the deal:

Seeking $500,000 USD for 9% equity. Margins are at 120% of raw production costs not including "overhead costs" . US market for Standby generators last year was $3.4 Billion and growing...

Minimum possible investment


USD – Millions

Maximum possible investment


USD – Millions

Closing Date:

30 Mar 2024

Deal Type:

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