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Connecting Energy Projects with Investors

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Looking to Invest in Energy Projects ?

Assisting Investors fund the Energy Transition

We source Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy Opportunities for Investment Funds, Private Equity firms, Lenders, Incubator funds, High Net Worth individuals, Family Offices, and Energy Companies


We save you time by basic pre-qualification. We have collated relevant data for an initial investor review, highlighted key investment criteria and discarded non-relevant projects.


We see a lot of projects. Some of these are listed on the website, and others will be made available based on your investment criteria.

Green Energy Turbines

Looking for Investors for your Energy Project ?

Moving your project forward

We have investors who are interested in projects like yours. We will only reach out to investors who might be interested with the key information they want to see. Our reach is wide. These are global investors not easily accessible. In addition to European and N. American markets, we have a close association to Singapore, SE Asian and Australasian investors.


We know what investors need to make funding decisions. We’ll move your project forward by presenting the key commercials to the right global investors.

We’re experienced in IPO listings too. We know exactly what your IPO ready project needs to look like

Join us and unlock your project's potential today.

What we offer:

Investors in Energy Projects

Search Energy projects listed on the website

You will get a well presented project summary with key investment metrics

We’ll put you directly in touch with Energy project owners

We can give you access to energy projects not currently on the open market based on your specific search criteria

We attend a lot of events and can actively scout for projects for you.

Energy Project Owners

List projects for free. Simple listing process with key facts investors want to see

We will ask you to sign a success fee agreement and produce a one-page project summary (we can help with this)

We can prepare marketing material and commercial forecasts that are key for investors

We can take your project to worldwide events to get you access to a wide pool of potential investors

Register to use our platform.

Register on our platform and gain access to investment and funding opportunities worldwide.

About us

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At EnergyScout, we bridge the gap between diverse energy projects and the funding they need to thrive.

We have a global funding reach. EnergyScout is directly connected with UK and North American investors. We have associations with Singapore and Australasian funding partners involved in over $100m in Energy and Infrastructure projects. 

Our Partners 

Logo - Partners

Tankbank is a founder Investor in EnergyScout, and has worked sourcing projects and capital for a number of South East Asian and Australian Pension groups including Concord Energy, Prostar Capital, Challenger Financial Services, Warburg Pincus and Fujairah Oil Terminal. Tony Quinn is the CEO of Tankbank and Al Jury the Finance Director.

Tony Quinn - 40 years experience in the oil and chemical storage industry, initially with BP. Over the last 15 years he has worked as an independent advisor on M&A South East Asia and North America energy deals, and sits on the Board of a number of listed and private energy and infrastructure


Location - Singapore

Al Jury, BSc (Geol), MSc, FCCA - 27 years working in the Energy industry with Exxon, Murphy, Unocal and a number of Independents in the renewable energy sector. Involved with project evaluation, due diligence and finance. Sits on the Board of a number of listed and private energy companies.

Location - UK

Peter Hudson BA (Hons) Econs - 25 years’ experience with a number of lenders on structured finance - development, mezzanine and equity; as well as senior roles in asset finance

and economic development. Involved with project evaluation and deal negotiation and has operated in both the private and government sector.

Location - UK

Some Facts

Up to 70% of new projects do not even achieve early stage funding

Source - Investment Survey FBB

Renewables will become the largest source of electricity generation worldwide in 2025. 

Source - IEA

Clean Energy Investment will need to hit over $4 Trillion a year by 2030 to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario.

Source - IEA

Register to use our platform.

Register on our platform and gain access to investment and funding opportunities worldwide.

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